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Artist Ricky Ceijas

The Full Story

Artist Ricky Ceijas at his RC Micropigmentation Studio

About Ricky Ceijas

Born in 1983, in Jersey City, NJ with Cuban roots. Ricky had a love for art and creativity since an early age. From drawing, painting, sketching, break dancing, choreography, air brushing, tattooing, song writing, and even music production he was sure to end up in a field where he could express his artistry.

He attended Bergen Community College for computer animation but, due to life circumstances and living alone since the age of 18 he ended up dropping out. Believe it or not Ricky drove sanitation trucks for 18+ years! Didn't think it was possible to do sanitation in style but, even that he did artistically somehow...

Quite often he asked himself while getting ready for another days work at 1am most mornings feeling tired, why he was living this routine life? Why was he letting his creativity and talent go to waste.

They say everything happens for a reason and somehow

his time off from work due to a distal bicep tendon repair surgery for his right arm meant exactly that. You see Ricky is left handed and guess what, he made good use of his time off during recuperation and became a certified Scalp Micropigmentation artist! He's expanded his abilities, experience, and knowledge since then and has now also become an amazing Permanent Makeup & tattoo artist! There are many who are great in this industry hands down but, not many with the passion, drive & artistic background that opens and leads the eye and heart to create a more beautiful enhanced version of you with love!

Ricky Ceijas with Matthew Iulo
Artist Ricky Ceijas

"Self-belief and hard work will always earn you success"

Artist Ricky Ceijas and his daughter Mia


Ricky Ceijas and his French Bulldog Stitch
Ricky Ceijas and Camila Mello

"Victory is always possible for the person who refuses to stop fighting."

Loves Dogs


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